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Voice Calls Service

Promote to your rural audience in their local language...

Now you can promote your business to your customer and clients in their local language as well. We at SMSZones provides you the services for voice communications for your businesses to work together with your customers. All you have to do is take a support of our built-in campaign, which is interactive voice campaign which can be set up and run within minutes.

We are sure you would like to boost up your sales and your business profits, you would like to reach the masses and get the voice over feedback from your customers and clients also you would like to get connected with the people in rural area and that too in their own conversional language. So here are we can offer you all these services in very less time and help you gain good results.

With the help of our services you can be benefited in many ways:

  • - You can promote your products and services with the help of voice promotion
  • - You can introduce new products and services to your customers and clients
  • - You can send offers to loyal customers
  • - You can also share the important information with employees and colleagues
  • - Once any customer opt for your product or services you can receive the confirmation about subscriptions
  • - There will be 600 calls simultaneously with 30 seconds pulse for each call
  • - There will be accurate reporting ( time of call, if the call got matured and non matured calls)
  • - You don't have to pay and set up costs
  • - All you have to pay is flat fee for per supplied number
  • - You can even opt to get the reports based on selected option wise
  • - You can get the pan India connectivity
  • - You can use this service for political campaign promotion, voter registration, vote reminders
  • - You can also use these services for making any important or urgent announcements
  • - With the help of this service you can even give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium
  • - Also you can share information and notification about upcoming events
  • - With the help of these voice broadcast services; you can design an interactive campaign which will automatically make bulk voice calls to mobile/telephone users, playing pre-recorded messages. With the help of this you can be plan to promote new products or services, send offers to loyal customers, share important information with employees etc. Over and above you can also get outbound and inbound IVR configured to send messages, emails important information to your customers and clients.

Toll Free Numbers
Now you can connect with your customers without paying even a single penny and that too in within few minutes. So here we are to help you with, we are here to provide with our service of toll free numbers with the help of which you can make great and positive changes in your business and get good returns.

Before we move further, would you to analyse and answer to yourself:
  • - Would you like to get an ultimate branding tool for your business?
  • - Would you like the increase in customer responses?
  • - Would you like to be termed as client's most favoured customer support?

If the answer for above questions is yes then opting for our toll free numbers services will be the right decision for your business growth. You can get any benefits with our toll free number services. Benefits like:

  • - With the help of this service you can get lead generate for your business.
  • - You can also Provide information on demand
  • - This will help in improving your customer support
  • - It becomes easy for your customer to enter and exit opt-in list
  • - It will also help you in verifying the customer mobile number
  • - This is the best way to get customer feedback

Also with the help of toll free IVR services your customers can call you anytime without spending a single penny. We will set up our system which will play the IVR configured by you for your customers on your platform. At SMSZones we can record all the information entered by customer, even the complete conversation which you can receive later in a flat file format by just clicking of a button.

Also if your customer wants to talk to you, we at SMSZones can even patch up call to the customer with your business over the IVR. SMSZones we can also send out feedback survey via SMS by the end of the call. With help of this service you can build up the virtual queues for customers who will be calling you. Once the call gets connected the customer will go through a validation process, after which the call can be transferred to your customer service representative.

Toll Free Missed Call Services

There is another added benefit which you can add up and get benefited, which is instead of a complete call your customers can place a missed call to a given toll free number without spending any money. Later you can respond in different ways whichever you opt for such as SMS, Call, IVR and USSD. In addition the details of incoming missed call can be updated in your CRM applications or database with the help of URL forwarding. You can also get detailed reports about who gave a Missed Call and time and duration of your response, how long the response call from your agent was.

Call us or email us at voice@shashwatco.com to get more details about our services and price plans.
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