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Toll Free Service

Engage with your customers at no cost to them...

  • - Do you want the ultimate branding tool for your business?
  • - Do you want to increase customer responses?
  • - Do you want to be client's most favored customer support?

What Businesses can do with Voice broadcast services?

Toll Free Services
  • - Lead Generation
  • - Provide information on demand
  • - Improve customer support
  • - Entering and exiting opt-in list
  • - Customer mobile number verification
  • - Get customer feedback

Toll Free IVR Services

Your customers can place a call to a given toll free number at Zero cost to them. Our system will play the IVR configured by you on the OPENHOSUE platform. SMSZones can record all the customer inputs, even the complete conversation and you can receive them in a flat file format at the click of a button.

What's more, if your customer wants to talk to you, SMSZones can even call-patch the customer with your business over the IVR. SMSZones can also send out feedback survey over SMS at the end of the call.

You can use this service to build virtual queues for customers calling you. The customer can go through a validation process, after which the call can be transferred to your customer service representative.

Toll Free Missed Call Services

Your customers can place a missed call to a given toll free number at Zero cost to them. You can respond in many ways - SMS, Call, IVR and USSD. What's more, Incoming missed call can be updated in your IT or CRM applications through URL forwarding. SMSZones can also send out Email alerts for incoming Missed calls through Email forwarding Services Noida,Delhi Ncr,Gurgaon, all over India.

You can also get detailed analytics of who gave a Missed Call and time and duration of your response, how long the response call from your agent was.

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