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Short Code & Long Code Service

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In addition to endeavour of messaging services, we are also offering the short codes and essential telemarketing numbers which will enable our clients to make it easy to communicate with their prospective customers.

What are Short Codes?

A short code is a dedicated five digit numeric number given by the operates, on this number users can send their messages. The basic idea behind these short codes and virtual numbers is that, they are easy to memorise hence implore more and more responses than any other regular number, it also help users and customers interact with companies, customer cares smoothly and effectively.

How do Short Codes Work?

Each company is provided with unique short codes by their provider, all the incoming messages are been forwarded to the server of that short code services providers by mobile services providing companies. These messages can be directly accessed by the clients and they can even check the content of the messages as well.

Client can make use of these short codes on various things like

  • Voting by text (as on TV shows)
  • Generation of leads
  • Customer's feedback
  • Contests and Promotions
  • Event Solutions
  • Fun & Interactivity

What are Long Codes/ Virtual Numbers? These long codes work in the similar fashion as short codes. These long codes are virtual phone numbers which are used as sender user ID by client when sending the messages o their customers

How Does it Work?

Messages which are sent to these short and long codes are captured on our server system, which also helps in receiving and filtering the huge quantity of messages in very easier manner. Our server system acquires the details of sender such as number, date, time, and content of incoming message thereafter clients can decide when and how to revert back to each and every individual message using our platform which is much more effective, simply and seamless.

Client can make use of these long codes and virtual number on various things like
  • Capturing real time responses from customers
  • Providing mobile Coupons
  • Communication using different mediums

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